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What Skills Are Non-negotiable When You’re Hiring a Digital Marketing Manager?

Marketing today is no longer the  dark art it once was. Today it is based on data. Marketing managers must have the ability to learn new marketing and analytic software, and a history of doing just that. Marketing managers need to understand how to implement technology strategically, and be able to articulate a clear roadmap for doing it.

Breaking that down, marketing managers must know how to work efficiently in:

1) Google Analytics (or similar software).

2) Structure and run PPC and social advertising campaigns and generate reports.

3) Fully grasp marketing automation and how to integrate it effectively at each stage including new lead, Sales Accepted Lead nurturing, sales enablement, and client on-boarding.

How do you know if a marketing manager is doing a good job? What KPIs are important to review, and how often?

A marketing manager should have a dashboard they can review everyday, and their KPIs should be reviewed by their boss in real time if possible, or weekly if not. Marketing needs to have a direct impact on the company’s revenue. A marketing manager’s KPIs must be as close to that revenue ecosystem as possible. 20% of their KPIs should be solely on closed business by sales.

However, 80% of their KPIs should be factors that lead to closed business that the marketing manager has a direct impact on. Those can include how many Marketing Qualified Leads they generate for each product. How many of those MQLs become Sales Qualified Leads.

The number of SQLs that become Sales Accepted Leads, and finally how many of those close, their average dollars per closed deal, and the marketing cost for generating those closed deals. If a marketing manager’s activities do not impact lead generation directly, then a review of how what they do does impact lead generation must be done. Those activities that support lead generation need to be weighted and used to help measure a marketing manager’s effectiveness.


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