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2X ROI: Double-Dip Your Content Marketing Efforts

The above is the title for an article that content creation guru and writer David Spark wrote. He asked me, “What are some of the non-marketing benefits of doing content marketing? How else can content marketing help the business?” for the Forbes article he was working on. Here is what I said and a link to the full article on Forbes.

My Original Response to “What are some of the non-marketing benefits of doing content marketing?” David’s Question.

Content that highlights internal subject matter experts to your prospect, and to your employees, can have a deep impact on strengthening your company culture and build genuine pride in being a part of the company. A business intelligence SaaS company wanted to create a content program that highlighted the massive amount of internal knowledge they had as a way to separate their brand from the competition. Their staff didn’t have time to write. Easy fix: I would interview different employees on topics that fit the new editorial focus, have the audio transcribed, and then have a writer craft it into a blog post, eBook, white paper or article for the interviewee’s final approval.

The finished digital asset was promoted across the company’s digital outposts both organically and via paid. That part was a no-brainer. However, the best results came from the weekly all hands email I wrote and had them send out that encouraged everyone to share one or two of the new content items.

Let Them Know They Have Skin In The Game

I usually explain why it is important, “because sharing would build brand awareness and impact Google organic search.” That in turn means more inbound leads, which means more money for the company. However, the secret ingredient was that I made a point of briefly praising the authors and mentioning any results from published content like speaking opportunities, press interviews, or article that it had generated. This seemed to resonate with everyone companywide.

After about 6 months the VP of Marketing took me aside and talked about how the new content program had impacted the company culture. Seeing co-workers published and praised had created a profound sense among the team that they worked at a company of experts. Coming full circle that new esprit decor then started to become part of the company’s brand and was incorporated into all its future branding. Publicly acknowledging individuals’ great work and effectively communicating to the whole company: Free. Building internal pride: Priceless.

Here is the full article with my Forbes’ quote 2X ROI: Double-Dip Your Content Marketing

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