Map Your Content to Your Buyers

Working with B2B technology companies with complex sales cycles I often their idea of content is very "Me! Me! Me!"-centric. And it's common for them to struggle with seeing salesy talk or understanding why it's bad. I get it. It's hard for us to see ourselves sometimes when all we want to do is tell how great our product is. However, the readers we want to talk to see that style as disinterested in what they are really asking about. How we approach them is being examined under a microscope...theirs! Addressing their…

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Turning Your Content Program Into Demand Generation Marketing Action Plan

In Creating An Effective Content Marketing Framework findability expert Erin Robbins Acheson, the President & COO at DemandSphere and I discussed the keys to building a solid content marketing for demand generation program. Now we continue the discussion on implementing a successful program. Where to Start and Getting Buyin for Your Content Marketing It depends on where you are. If you’re an individual contributor at a midsized organization, and not necessarily at the management or executive level, then start by having a conversation with the big bosses. Explain why this is important, the benefits,…

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